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Past Whimsies
To spark your imagination...
At Midnightdaydreams we play with clay. Some of our work can only be described as "whimsies".
They exist for no other reason than to entertain, amuse and perhaps make people chuckle.

Our art ranges from cute to quirky. We love when people laugh at our work and there's no higher compliment than having people look at what we
do and smile.

These examples of past whimsies represent just a few of the many things we've done.

Don't forget to check our store page and see if any of our currently available whimsies tickle your fancy.

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Sea World. Polymer clay box embellished with silver tone findings, sea shells and coral.
"Bellmen". Polymer clay sculpted faces with beaded findings and embellishment on brass bells.
Organic world. Polymer clay "caned"  leaves. Opens to reveal a heart dangling inside
Fish Vessel. Polymer clay round box opens to reveal a scuba diver dangling inside.
Coral reef gazing ball. Polymer clay sculpted fish and sea life with corals and glass.
True dedication. Sculpted polymer clay pig opens to reveal a bacon and egg breakfast. (No pigs - or chickens were harmed in the creation of this piece)
Aztec Inspired Candle. Translucent polymer clay combined with ceramic candle holder and crystal face. Light can be seen through the clay.
Hinged Cat Box. Polymer clay with "caned" cat on the front.
Sprite Lite. Translucent polymer clay "caned" faces on glass. We can all choose to live in the light.