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Genie Bottles
Our Genie Bottles make a perfect gift for that special
person who already has everything; or wishes that they  did! Each bottle comes with three wishes but no guarantees!
If you can see a face on or inside the bottle, there's definitely a Genie living there. Some Genies are harder to see ( if they're shy or just being mischievously obstinate is up to you to discover).  Many of the bottles we use come from our beachcombing exursions so they truly are one of a kind. 

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Small green striped bottle with marble top. The bottle and the marble were both found washed up along the beach.
Blue and white Genie bottle. There is indeed a genie inside!
Small pink Genie bottle embellished with a beaded lid. The genie inside watches over a dangling key. Perhaps the key to your greatest wish?
Whimsical beaded Genie bottle with a pink & blue butterfly adorning the front.
Small green and yellow Genie bottle.
blue swirled Genie bottle adorned by glass bead dangles on the sides and a beaded top
Simple blue Genie bottle with glass beaded top.
Pin-strped Genie bottle embellished with a rose and dangle on the side.
Onion Dome Genie Bottle. If you look closely inside you'll see the genie peeking out at you.
Our smaller Genie bottles are found while beachcombing. We cover the bottles with clay, create tops for them and embellish them with beads, odds and ends of jewelry and other items that we find. Please contact us if you would like a Genie bottle creation of your own!